The misadventures of Commander Merlin and the crew of RV-103
Monday December 30th 2013

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Major Technical Difficulties

As some of you may have noticed, has been absent from the web for 5 days.  There is a reason for that.  Five days ago, WordPress, the program I use for my blog, released an update version 3.0.5.  I dutifully downloaded the update and installed it.  Suddenly, [Read More]

Product Review: McAfee Anti-Virus

I have been a user of McAfee Anti-Virus programs for a number of years now.  The programs have done thier job pretty well in finding and removing viruses, though they have never done well in finding and stopping adware (I use Ad-Aware to handle that task).    Overall I [Read More]

Flying J Truck Stop Review

During our travels we have found that we prefer to get our fuel at the Flying J truck stops.  Flying J realized that not only do tractor trailers use a lot of fuel, but RV’s.  With that in mind, they have created islands at their truck stops that cater to RV’s only.  [Read More]

In the RV Processing Facility

Yesterday I took RV-103 to Preventive Maintenance Service of Florida for her oil change and to have our damaged door panels looked at.  The owner, Al Cruz, came out and looked at the damaged door panels.  I told him that along with the oil change and safety check, I [Read More]

How Do You Connect to the Internet in a RV? A Review of Verizon’s MiFi.

When we were in New York during our Shakedown Cruise (see Mission #1), we found that wireless internet at the various campsites did not always live up to their hype.  Connections were spotty and many times nonexistent.  Since we spent a good amount of time online [Read More]

April 18th, 2010 Visit to Johnson Space Center Visitor Center

On April 18th, our fearful leader Commander Merlin allowed me some shore leave.  Since we were just outside of Houston, I drove over to see Johnson Space Center’s Visitor Center.  I have spent many hours at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center (I’m even shown [Read More]

Satellite TV: Part Two

If you recall, prior to RV-103 launching on her first mission, I looked into getting satellite TV without success.  You can find that story here. Anyway, while here in CA, we had a neighbor in the campground for a few weeks that suggested a local company that specialized [Read More]

I Got the Post Office Blues

While I was at the Jelly Belly factory, I picked up some jelly beans for my mother’s birthday.  I at first looked into the factory shipping her present, but they wanted more money than what I had paid for the actual product.  I felt I could do better and took her gift [Read More]

03-14-2010 It was a “Vice” Day

Today was a nice day for a vice day.  We started out with some wine tasting in the local vineyards.  We with the vineyard within walking distance from our campsite called Mining Camp Winery in Shingle Springs CA.  I think it was a “ghost” winery because though the [Read More]

Jelly Belly

Last week we went to the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield CA.  This company was founded by two brothers who had emigrated from Germany in 1867.  By 1869, they had bought an old ice cream and candy store and that began a 141 year company that is still owned and ran by [Read More]

Now A Word From Our Sponsor…

The purpose of our web site is to keep our family and friends informed of our misadventures in full time RVing.  We have been quite surprised at how much it has grown and the number of non-family that now read it each week from all over the world. We never meant for the [Read More]

03-04-10 Did We Go To The Casino?

Gypsy and I enjoy going to the casinos to have an evening out and maybe win some money.  We aren’t big gamblers by a long shot.  We would usually play the nickel and quarter slots.  Monopoly is our favorite slot machine.  We have gotten pretty good at making $50 last [Read More]

02-13-10 Gold Panning at Sutter’s Mill

Today we went gold panning at Sutter’s Mill.  Sutter’s Mill is on the south fork of the American River that carries the melt water from the snows of the Sierra Mountains to the Pacific.  Sutter’s Mill is the site of the first gold discovery sparking the 1849 gold [Read More]

02-02-10 Propane! I need more Propane!

Though the temperatures here in CA are actually currently warmer than it is in FL, it still does get a bit chilly at night.  That means we need to run our propane furnace at night.  Propane not only runs our furnace, but our refrigerator and hot water tank.  Even though [Read More]

01-31-10 Sutter Gold Mine

We spent the day today at Sutter Gold Mine.  It is a functioning gold mine, but sections of it are open to public tours.  Gold is found inside the mine in veins of crystal that can be up to 8 feet wide.  The crystal was left over from seawater that flowed in the rock bed [Read More]

11-29 to 12-19-2009 Back in the RV Processing Facility

RV-103 is back and being readied for her next mission.  This is the time to go over “lessons learned” from the shakedown, take off supplies we realized we didn’t need and take on supplies we found we did need. We also needed to get routine maintenance done.  Up to [Read More]

11-14-2009 Houston We Have A Problem The Sequel

It was a Saturday and we prepared to leave NY for Philadelphia to continue our research work.  The previous Monday I had gone to Camping World and bought a Master Tow Dolly for $1,400.  Camping World said they would have to have one brought in from another store and [Read More]

Satellite TV: Dish Network or Direct TV?

RV-103 is blessed with a satellite dish and had an old Dish Network receiver.  It took me awhile, but eventually I learned how to manually point the dish in the right direction and choose the correct azimuth.  Once I was able to lock into a satellite, that’s when we [Read More]

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Goodbye and GodSpeed Discovery RV-103.

Goodbye and GodSpeed Discovery RV-103.

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CollisionTEC: A Review

CollisionTEC: A Review

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Breaking News: Obama proposes an end to NASA’s Planetary Science Program

Breaking News: Obama proposes an end to NASA’s Planetary Science Program

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Mismatched Models

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Human Space Flight Trivia Week 7

Human Space Flight Trivia Week 7

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