The misadventures of Commander Merlin and the crew of RV-103
Saturday December 20th 2014

02-02-10 Propane! I need more Propane!

Though the temperatures here in CA are actually currently warmer than it is in FL, it still does get a bit chilly at night.  That means we need to run our propane furnace at night.  Propane not only runs our furnace, but our refrigerator and hot water tank.  Even though we have a large tank built into the RV, eventually it does run out.

Refilling a propane tank in a Class A motor home requires moving the entire RV to a refueling station.  You have to repack everything and secure it in the RV, pull in the slide outs, disconnect the sewer, electric, and water, and then drive to the refueling area which fortunately is just a few hundred feet away.  Then after refueling, it’s back to the campsite and setting up the RV again.  The whole show takes about 1 hour and far too much trouble in my opinion.

The manager, John, at Placerville KOA showed me a wonderful solution.  It’s a product sold by camping world called “Stay A While.”  Basically it is a Tee fitting that you attach inline to your propane system.  It has two connections extending outward, one for an extra propane device that can be attached such as an indoor heater, outside grill, etc.  The other hose connects to a supplemental propane tank.  It’s a bit pricey at $80 or $90 if your not a Camping World member, but has paid for its self already in convenience.

Stay A While

I can now buy an extra propane tank, hook it up to the Stay A While, and run the RV off that tank without using my main tank.  When the extra tank is empty, I just carry it up to the refueling station, have it refilled, and come back and hook it up again.  Total time is about 10 minutes and I don’t have to move the RV.

One tip about the product I should warn folks about.  Use propane tape when hooking up the connections.  The tape is similar to plumbers tape, but designed specifically for propane connections.  Also, make sure you have the proper tools.  I have an extensive tool bag with me, but one hookup required a 7/8th open ended wrench which I did not have.  John loaned me his wrench and the next day I bought my own from the hardware store.

One other thing, John, the manger of the campsite is a retired contractor from the space program.  He worked on Apollo, the moon buggy, and Columbia.  Good man and he runs the Placerville KOA campground well.

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