The misadventures of Commander Merlin and the crew of RV-103
Wednesday January 1st 2014

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100th Post!!! Full Moon Over RV-103

I just realized when I made this post that it is the 100th post of RV-103.  Wow!  I thank you all for following this website and inputing your comments along the way. I also want to thank the USA Educational Department for calling me on this auspicious occasion.  I [Read More]

Where is that Global Warming Al Gore?

We had a weather front come through yesterday and things cooled down.  By the time we were ready to go to bed, I commented to Gypsy that I was cold.  I shut the windows and checked on our weather station that monitors the temps inside and outside RV-103.  It was 36 [Read More]

SpaceX and Their Falcon 9 Launch

On June 4th, 2010 SpaceX “successfully” launched their Falcon 9 rocket for the first time.  For that accomplishment, I give them my congratulations.  To launch a rocket and achieve orbit is a massive undertaking and very few nations can do that let alone private [Read More]


It’s really ironic if you think about it.  We spent about 4 months in CA and experienced rain and high winds, but not much else.  We have to come to New York for me to experience my very first earthquake! Around 1:52 pm today I was sitting on one end of the couch [Read More]

Happy 100th Birthday RV!

Fox News reported yesterday that this year is the 100th birthday of the RV. “You might not even think about it when you see an RV lumbering down the road, but there are about 30 million people in this country who regularly go traveling with a home on wheels.” [Read More]

Commander Merlin Goes on Her First EVA!

The only time that Commander Merlin has ever left RV-103 was in her escape craft/shuttle called PC or Pet Carrier.  It was time for her to experience her first Extra Vehicular Activity or EVA. The crew of RV-103 helped Commander Merlin into her harness and tether with [Read More]

Your Calls Are Making a Difference!

Though Obama and Charlie Bolden are trying hard to kill our Human Space Flight Program, Constellation is still hanging on.  By law, which was passed by Congress last year, Constellation cannot be cancelled without congressional permission.  Work continues on Constellation [Read More]

When the Crew Goes AWOL

Recently, Gypsy and I took a short weekend trip out of state to take care of some business.  Since we were going to be gone for about four days, we made arrangements with Gypsy’s son and daughter-in-law to look in on Commander Merlin and RV-103. Upon our return, we found [Read More]

05-26-10 Space Shuttle Atlantis Comes Home for the Last Time?

Space Shuttle Atlantis arrived home for the last time today.  After a picture perfect mission to the ISS, Atlantis safely arrived at the KSC Shuttle Landing Facility and was put to bed in OPF 1.  Well done OPF 1 and the United Space Alliance TPS crew! Ken Ham, the [Read More]

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Goodbye and GodSpeed Discovery RV-103.

Goodbye and GodSpeed Discovery RV-103.

What can I say, but that it is an end to a major chapter in our lives.  Today I turned over the keys to our great and [Read More]

CollisionTEC: A Review

CollisionTEC: A Review

Towards the end of Mission #2, RV-103 had a mishap with a pole, as detailed here.  Last month, I finally got an [Read More]

Breaking News: Obama proposes an end to NASA’s Planetary Science Program

Breaking News: Obama proposes an end to NASA’s Planetary Science Program

“Word has leaked out that in its new budget, the Obama administration intends to terminate NASA’s planetary [Read More]

Mismatched Models

Mismatched Models

Most advocates of Human Space Flight programs always model HSF with the airplane model.  Government subsidized at [Read More]

Human Space Flight Trivia Week 7

Human Space Flight Trivia Week 7

First of all my apologies.  I had to take care of some duties at home that prevented me from posting the newest [Read More]