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Tuesday December 31st 2013

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I Got the Post Office Blues

While I was at the Jelly Belly factory, I picked up some jelly beans for my mother’s birthday.  I at first looked into the factory shipping her present, but they wanted more money than what I had paid for the actual product.  I felt I could do better and took her gift [Read More]

Inside OPF 3, the Home of OV-103 Discovery

I have a treat for you all.  Astronaut Mike Massimino recently took a video camera into my old work place, Orbiter Processing Facility 3 at Kennedy Space Center.  In the video you will see a few of my former co-workers of United Space Alliance preparing Shuttle Discovery [Read More]

03-25-2010 Seeing Nature on a Grand Scale!

When I was a young boy in grade school, I remember reading about the giant Redwoods that grew in California.  I’ve always wanted to see them and since we were here I wasn’t about to pass this opportunity up.  Though the nearest Redwoods were 4 ½ hour’s drive away, [Read More]

03-14-2010 It was a “Vice” Day

Today was a nice day for a vice day.  We started out with some wine tasting in the local vineyards.  We with the vineyard within walking distance from our campsite called Mining Camp Winery in Shingle Springs CA.  I think it was a “ghost” winery because though the [Read More]

Jelly Belly

Last week we went to the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield CA.  This company was founded by two brothers who had emigrated from Germany in 1867.  By 1869, they had bought an old ice cream and candy store and that began a 141 year company that is still owned and ran by [Read More]

Good Podcast on RV Buying

Jack Spirko, of The Survival Podcast, did a good show on his experiences in buying an RV.  You can find the podcast at his website. [Read More]

Now A Word From Our Sponsor…

The purpose of our web site is to keep our family and friends informed of our misadventures in full time RVing.  We have been quite surprised at how much it has grown and the number of non-family that now read it each week from all over the world. We never meant for the [Read More]

A Fantastic, Unimportant Announcement!

As I said in earlier posts, California has had quite a lot of rain lately.  Though we had a week of sunshine recently, we are back into the rain again nearly every day.  I understand that California has had a drought for the last three years, but it is not good luck for [Read More]

03-04-10 Did We Go To The Casino?

Gypsy and I enjoy going to the casinos to have an evening out and maybe win some money.  We aren’t big gamblers by a long shot.  We would usually play the nickel and quarter slots.  Monopoly is our favorite slot machine.  We have gotten pretty good at making $50 last [Read More]

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Goodbye and GodSpeed Discovery RV-103.

Goodbye and GodSpeed Discovery RV-103.

What can I say, but that it is an end to a major chapter in our lives.  Today I turned over the keys to our great and [Read More]

CollisionTEC: A Review

CollisionTEC: A Review

Towards the end of Mission #2, RV-103 had a mishap with a pole, as detailed here.  Last month, I finally got an [Read More]

Breaking News: Obama proposes an end to NASA’s Planetary Science Program

Breaking News: Obama proposes an end to NASA’s Planetary Science Program

“Word has leaked out that in its new budget, the Obama administration intends to terminate NASA’s planetary [Read More]

Mismatched Models

Mismatched Models

Most advocates of Human Space Flight programs always model HSF with the airplane model.  Government subsidized at [Read More]

Human Space Flight Trivia Week 7

Human Space Flight Trivia Week 7

First of all my apologies.  I had to take care of some duties at home that prevented me from posting the newest [Read More]