The misadventures of Commander Merlin and the crew of RV-103
Friday June 6th 2014

RV-103 Ten Commandments

Recently, a family member told Rocketman that her husband and she were going to start their own form of “misadventures.”  They were now empty nesters and felt it was time to travel the country full time in an RV and wanted some advice.  After about an hour long talk and suggesting she check out our misadventures on our website, I thought maybe it would be a good idea to post our lessons learned about RVing.  Some of these lessons have been learned the hard way as the frequent readers of our site know, and some have been learned by listening to others who had done this before.

So, I had Rocketman dress in a robe, climb a mountain (which is hard to find in Florida), and risk being struck by lightning.  A few days later he descended from the mountain top with the RV-103 Ten Commandments in hand and smoke still coming from his burned robe (After all, Florida is the lightening capital of world.).


The crew of RV-103 has found that if we keep these simple Ten Commandments, life on the road is much easier and more fun.  We hope that it will be of help to you too.  Safe driving!

Commander Merlin and the crew of RV-103.

Commander Merlin
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