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Wednesday September 18th 2013

Rocketman to Appear on the Space Show After Launch Friday.

Friday, July 8th, I will be appearing on The Space Show with Dr. Livingston 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm EST shortly after the last launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis.  Dr. Livingston and I will be discussing my reflections on the launch, and what it was like to work in the Space Shuttle Program.  Dr. Livingston and I would like to invite all former and soon to be former workers from KSC and other space centers throughout the country to call in or email their reflections.  It will be nice to have as many brothers and sisters from the Space Shuttle program to call in and share their stories.  This program is your program to honor all that you have done serving our nation and working in the Space Shuttle Program.  Call in and be heard.

Listeners can talk to the guest or the host using toll free 1 , by sending e-mail during the program using .

To listen to the show live:

All of this information is at and click on Listen Live near the top of the page.  Here are the specifics.  Email David Livingston at for questions.  The toll free line only works during a live show.

1. Streaming Service:

1.  You may be required to register or to download the very simple media player.  I use their player without any difficulty and there have been no difficulties reported by users of this player or their registration process.  Use this URL:

2.  FAST-SERV Streaming Service:

Space Show listeners can now hear live Space Show programs using the FAST-SERV streaming service ( FAST-SERV uses  Shoutcast servers so you should not have to sign or log in and you should be able to use your default media player or any media player of your choice.  FAST-SERV supports iTunes, Win Amp, Quick Time, Real Audio, Windows Media Player, as well as other MP3 players.  Please follow the instructions below.   If you use WMP, it needs to be an updated version with codecks to play this stream.  iTunes, QuickTime and WinAmp are sometimes easier to work for this streaming service.

1.  Use this URL for your default media player (not Windows Media Player).  If it does not play, pick any other media player you use and manually insert this URL:

For Quick Time, you may  need to try this URL:

If this does not work, use the File menu at the top of Quick Time, select Open URL in Player, type in the URL above and let Quick Time time out.  Close the program, open Quick Time again, select File menu, then select Open Recent and choose the FAST-SERV URL.

2.  For Windows Media Player users, you can choose to download the player below:

As an alternative, open your Windows Media Player and select File, then Open URL and manually type in the following URL:

We are looking forward to hearing your stories and your thoughts!

P.S. If the launch is scrubbed, the show will still go on as scheduled.

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