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Wednesday September 18th 2013

Our “New” Human Space Flight Program Explained

Mr. Steven White, a regular reader since April of 2010, created a wonderful video explaining Obama and Senator Bill Nelson’s new Human Space Flight Program that is supposed to replace Constellation.  As you know, Constellation was to take us back to the Moon and establish a base there where we could build a space port to explore asteroids, Mars, etc, and set up other things such as observatories, mining camps, etc.  Otherwords, a base that would be eventually self sustaining, long term (it won’t fall back to the Earth like the ISS will some day), and extend our reach into deep space.  Instead, Obama wants to go to an asteroid for a one time visit to plant the flag, take pictures of our footprints, and collect some rocks before the asteroid drifts too far away from the Earth for a cost of billions of dollars.

Mr. White’s video explains it quite well and the folly of both Obama and Senator Bill Nelson’s plan.  This video is just as good as the South Park video put out in 2010 (just scroll down near the bottom of the post).

Well done Mr. White and thank you for your readership and contribution!  Godspeed to you.

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