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Saturday November 3rd 2012

House passes Senate Bill: Constellation and America’s Human Space Flight Program Is Now Dead

America's Human Space Flight Program: RIP

This evening the House passed the Senate Bill effectively killing Constellation and America’s Human Space Flight Program after 50 years of leadership in space exploration.  Obama, Senator Bill Nelson, and Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas have succeded in dismantling another part of our country’s infrastructure and once more diminishing our nation.  Hopefully Floridians will remember these three and their betrayal come election day in 2010 and 2012.

To the folks  that spent years tearing down Constellation and our HSF, you got what you wished for and soon you will join me and many others on the unemployment line.  Enjoy your food stamps.  You sure did earn them.
Congressman Bill Posey, who represents South Brevard County and is a former aerospace worker, worked hard to save Constellation and America’s Human Space Flight Program.  With the vote coming down to the last day or two of Congress’s session before they left to go campaign, Congressman Posey was placed in a tough position trying to decide to vote for or against this bill.  He ended up choosing to vote for it while acknowledging that it was a bad bill and bad for America’s HSF because if the bill didn’t pass, then Obama could divert NASA’s funding away from space exploration without any checks or balances and use if for his own desires such as buying votes or bailing out his cronies.
Hopefully, when the Republicans take power in January, they can start the long process of undoing the damage that Obama, Senator Bill Nelson, and Congresswoman Kosmas have done to America’s HSF and to Florida’s citizens.  After the last Space Shuttle flies, it will be at least 10-15 years before you will ever see an American astronaut fly on an American ship if ever.  We are now dependent on Russia’s good graces for a ride to the International Space Station as long as we meet their price.
Below is the statement from Congressman Bill Posey about this dreadful choice.

“The House passed a NASA Authorization bill with the support of Congressman Bill Posey (R-Rockledge) which, if not enacted, would have paved the way for the Administration to dismantle key NASA programs without Congressional consent.

“Had the House had failed to pass a NASA bill this week, the Administration, whose NASA plan failed to keep the promise of closing the gap and keeping us first in space, would have been empowered to dismantle key exploration programs even further and shift the program money elsewhere. I wasn’t willing to let that happen. I think that would have created a worst case scenario. So while the bill falls short of legislation that I authored last year which closes the human space flight gap, the good news is that this final bill is at least somewhat of a departure from the plan outlined by the Administration in February.

“Rather than leaving the fate of our nation’s space program – which is critical to our national security and future economic competitiveness – in the hands of unelected bureaucrats who are accountable to no one, Congress needed to act. I will work hard to improve this bill in the coming months and when the Congress convenes in January so that we can keep America first in space.

“I am also disappointed that the bill sends NASA back to the drawing board to design the next space launch system because I believe that will lengthen the gap.  However, I will work with my colleagues to see that NASA closely follows the directive in the bill, to utilize to the maximum extent, the work that has already been done on Ares I, as doing so will shorten the gap.”

“Over the past 18 months, the Administration has tried to dismantle key elements of our human space flight program and Congress was slow to respond.  Now, here we are at the eleventh hour with a take it or leave it proposition. That is not the best way to govern and I am deeply disappointed in this dysfunctional process.””

Meanwhile, another 2,000-3,000 workers at the various NASA Space Centers will be laid off on Friday.  Remember them in your prayers.

Credit Jeff Parker

Sandy Adams is the Republican opponent running against Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas.  Please support  her this November with your vote and donations.  Her website is here.

Remember in November people!

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