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Wednesday September 18th 2013

Human Space Flight Trivia Week 6

When Humans abandoned the ISS due to no access by the USA or Russia, the Feline Astronaut Corps stepped up and took over keeping the ISS running.

The HSF Trivia Week Five question was: Which Launch Complex/Pad was used during the Mercury Program?

The answer is: Launch Complex 14 was the site where American astronauts were launched into Earth Orbit during the Mercury Program.

The winner was Abby L.  Congratulations Abby!

The HSF Trivia Week 6 questions is: How many astronauts were aboard the first launch of the Space Shuttle and what were the names of the crew and the shuttle?

You can submit your answers to me, Commander Merlin, at .  All answers must be submitted by midnight Monday to be considered.

For a review on the game rules, go here.

Commander Merlin

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