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Wednesday September 18th 2013

Human Space Flight Trivia Week 4

Above: The first feline to train in weightlessness on the Vomit Comet.

The HSF Trivia Week Three question was: Which Shuttle orbiter was first to use a drag chute and on what mission?

The answer is: Space Shuttle Endeavour on her maiden flight, STS-49.

Congrats to M. Gindes and T. Waddington.  Both winners will be entered into the monthly drawing for a Go For Launch! game.

The HSF Trivia Week Four question is: What is the name of the first animal to ride in a rocket for the U.S. and what year? Hint: It is NOT Ham the monkey.

You can submit your answers to me, Commander Merlin, at .  All answers must be submitted by midnight Monday to be considered.

For a review on the game rules, go here.

Commander Merlin

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