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Wednesday October 31st 2012

Why I Don’t Fly

TSA is groping Nuns now?

I quit flying after my flight to pick up the RV in 2009.  Dealing with the airline was a pain, but nothing compared to the TSA.  Something is not right when you have to practically undress just to fly on a plane you paid a ticket for.  I have a problem when my fourth and fifth amendment rights are violated and  I am assumed to be a criminial.

When TSA recently brought in the “nude scanners” and the pat downs that border on sexual molestation, I was glad of my decision not to fly anymore.  It seems the TSA can now touch the privates of your wife, husband, or young child in violation of the Constitution and laws concerning molestation.

If you think my language is strong, check out this experience that a software engineer recently had and recorded.  It seems that if you refuse to be molested and try to leave the airport, TSA still thinks they have a right to grope your privates.

Traveling in a RV is much more comfortable and pleasurable than stripping for and being molested by the TSA perverts.  I think I’ll continue to travel in my RV.

Update: Now TSA wants to expand into searching trains, busses, and your private auto.  The story is here.

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