The misadventures of Commander Merlin and the crew of RV-103
Saturday May 4th 2013

Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November.

No, we are not celebrating Guy Fawkes day or watching a rerun of the movie Vendetta.  We are instead celebrating the main reason why we came to New York, the birth of our first grandson.  Little Zachary was born at 4:15 pm November 5th and has become the newest resident on this fair planet and in our lives.  The news was so exciting that even Commander Merlin was doing backflips in celebration.

Proud new parents of little Zachary

Rocketman is already trying to corrupt the little boy with a astronaut bib, sleeper, and halloween costume.

Rocketman and Gypsy with Zachary

Welcome to Earth Zachary.  May your visit be long and prosperous.

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